At QuoteCenter, we’re fueling The Home Depot’s Pro marketplace sales from within our global supply chain. Our teams of engineers, designers, merchants, marketers, data scientists, field support and operations analysts work together to drive our business forward. QuoteCenter has the scale and network of a $150B+ organization, with the access and entrepreneurial spirit of a small company. We get to see our solutions come to life by working with our end users every day, testing our ideas, and evolving together.

“As we continue to develop a world-class, technology-driven experience that is purposefully built to serve our store Associates and the Pro marketplace, it’s our mission to ensure that we do so with mutual respect and appreciation of our differences in an environment that fosters authenticity and where each individual brings their whole self to the workplace.”
– Rich A., Sr. Director, QuoteCenter

Quotecenter Departments

Uses agile methodologies, paired programming, balanced teams, and a customer-back engineering approach to improve our systems daily.
Drives business profitability, increases efficiency, and improves our Associate experience with QuoteCenter.
Plans, develops, and executes Associate and Supplier-facing materials in-app and across the THD ecosystem to drive our Pro business forward.
Develops and maintains the feedback pipeline from the field to our Product and Engineering teams, to foster a customer-centric approach.
Works directly with customers and truss plants around the country to build out and deliver on quotes for simple and complex truss buildings.
Provides support for store associates using QuoteCenter via chat, email, or phone.
Onboards new, and maintains all existing, supplier programs in QuoteCenter.
Imagines and delivers the designs that drive a frictionless user experience within QuoteCenter.
Adds value and improves sales, efficiency, and associate satisfaction. They bring new features and enhancements for QuoteCenter to life.
Helps to put together large volume/dollar quotes that may involve a deeper level of personalization.

Programming Languages:

We are an Agile organization that continually iterates and improves our E-Commerce platform to better the experience for our associates and Pro customers.

  • .NET C#
  • Javascript (ReactJS and NodeJS)
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • BigQuery
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Helm
  • Google Cloud
  • GCE
  • GKE
  • GAE
  • Kafka
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Packer

Featured Jobs

The best part of working at Home Depot is ‘taking care of our people.’ It’s not just a slogan, it’s our culture. As an engineering manager, I see this through our commitment to growing the skills and careers of each individual developer.
— Antoinette C., Manager Software Engineering

Total Suppliers

average monthly associates utilizing QuoteCenter in-store every month.

unique products found in the catalog (3x the store average)

major feature enhancements in just one year.



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