Military Commitment

Join over 35,000 veterans who are continuing their careers with us. We value your commitment, strong leadership, and decision-making skills. Here, you can continue to be part of a culture that takes care of each other and makes a difference.

I am unbelievably proud to be a part of an organization that understands the value of hiring veterans. The career opportunities are endless! Your leadership skills and professionalism are truly valued within the company.
– Carlos R., Home Depot Installation Services (HDIS) Senior Analyst., Marine Corps Veteran

Meet Our Associates

Jennifer, Military Spouse

Jennifer has grown her career while balancing family and service. She started as a Store HR Manager, and now she is a Field Staffing Manager.

"What attracted me to The Home Depot was its reputation of taking care of people – communities, veterans, associates, and customers. I stay with Home Depot because I am part of something special. The culture is unlike any other. My work has purpose while making a difference in associates' lives, and I have incredible leaders and mentors who support me and guide me."

Michelle, Marine Corps Veteran

Michelle's leadership background in taking care of people plays an essential role in our supply chain operations.

"The most important responsibility I have as a leader at The Home Depot is taking care of my associates, and I do so with honor. I'm proud to be part of this vast family and the reputation we uphold in our communities. When I tell someone where I work, they respond excitedly with, 'I love Home Depot!' That's a great feeling."

CARLOS, Marine Corps Veteran

As Carlos was transitioning from the Marine Corps, he was looking for a company with a strong commitment to service and community. Seeing Home Depot’s values of giving back, taking care of our people, and doing the right thing helped him decide to start his second career here as an analyst.

"There is a pride of belonging at The Home Depot. I am unbelievably proud to be a part of an organization that understands the value of hiring veterans. Your leadership skills and professionalism are truly valued within the company. The career opportunities are endless!"

BILL, Navy Veteran

Bill’s teamwork and focus on mission accomplishment helps him thrive in our store. Starting as a sales associate in our Hardware department, Bill now helps customers as a Kitchen Project Specialist.

"I appreciate the teamwork occurring across our departments and store. In the military, teamwork is central to mission accomplishment. So is the ability to focus on a project. It is as valuable working here as it is in the service."

ASHLEY, Army National Guard

Ashley, a college senior and member of the Army National Guard, joined the military while working in one of our distribution centers. After two years, Ashley was promoted to an HR coordinator while balancing a career, studies, and military commitment.

"In my current role, I'm expected to take the initiative to get things done, and I feel that is something the military taught me to do very well."

AMINAH, Air Force Distribution Engineer, Supply Chain

Aminah joined the military to serve others. For Aminah, an Airforce veteran, that same dedication to organizational values, where giving back, taking care of our people, and doing the right thing were vital to starting her second career.

“Taking care of people, it's the ultimate reason for serving in the military, and Home Depot does a good job of ensuring that is a priority in everything that we do."

RICHARD, Army Manager, HR Service Center

From the Army to The Home Depot meet, Richard made his transition to the civilian workforce while leveraging his military experience in problem-solving and teamwork to support our associates at The Home Depot.

“I spent the first 24 years of my career serving in the Army, an organization that emphasized development and opportunities for growth. I am excited to be part of another organization that emphasizes personal and professional development and provides multiple pathways to grow my next career.”

ASHTON, Marine Corps, Department Supervisor

Ashton's team leadership experiences from his Marine Corps service transferred seamlessly to his 2nd career at The Home Depot. Ashton's background in leading teams and caring for people helped him thrive as a store department supervisor.

“My military experience has helped me significantly as a department supervisor when leading associates in the store. I enjoy teaching, coaching, and training my associates and getting to see them grow and develop in their own career.”

PETE, Marine Corps VP, Field Merchandising

Pete started his career at The Home Depot as a store sales associate in the electrical department. Since then, he has held positions of increasing responsibility during his 30-year career. As a leader in a fast-paced environment, Pete draws on his experience in the Marine Corps to guide his leadership style.

“Home Depot strongly supports our veterans so feel comfortable making the transition. Many similarities exist between Home Depot and the military--both are fast paced, you are empowered to make decisions, and you are empowered to do the right thing.”

Our Culture & Values

When it comes to being a military spouse, The Home Depot fully understands the life that we chose and they support us all the way.
— Jessica M., Associate Support Department Supervisor, Military Spouse


As a military spouse, it’s not easy balancing family life and work. We appreciate everything you and your family do, and we’re here to navigate the unique challenges a military family faces and help you continue to grow your career.

We offer:

  • Military relocation support – over 2000 locations nationwide
  • Maintain your career with our Military Family International Leave of Absence for overseas PCS
  • Over 5000 fully remote roles
  • Military Spouse Apprenticeship Program – Learn more


The Military Fellowship Program at The Home Depot offers talented transitioning service members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in various sectors across our company.

Fellowship Program highlights:

  • Work on real business projects and gain experience within a fortune 20, military friendly company
  • Join a veteran community and get support with resume writing, interviewing, and other transition related topics
  • Available in-person and remote opportunities
  • Learn more and/or submit your application today
The Military Fellowship program was definitely a huge resource as I transitioned. Also, having mentors within the company was a tremendous help in navigating the job hunt process and transferring my skills from military to civilian.
— Shante G, Project Manager – In Store Environment

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Hiring Our Heroes: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
American Corporate Partners
Military Spouse Employment Partnership. Department of Defense

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