What’s the best place we’ve ever built? The place where we work. Here, you can be yourself and also be part of something much bigger.

Our Values

We live by our values. We think of them as instructions that guide our actions each day. Our values keep us all working toward the same goals, so we can build strong teams and deliver the service our customers count on from us.

Through it all, we will continue to lead with our values, and I could not be more proud of the resiliency and strength that the team has demonstrated as we navigate these extraordinary circumstances together.
— Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO

Taking Care of Our People

We take care of each other. It’s that simple. We’re here for you through it all, just like we’re here for our customers.

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Taking Care of Our People

Respect For All People

We treat people like we want to be treated. Everyone, from our team members to our customers, is a valuable part of who we are.

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Respect For All People

Doing the Right Thing

We always strive to do the right thing no matter what. For a company of our size and footprint, every decision matters.

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Doing the Right Thing

Building Strong Relationships

We build strong relationships based on trust and honesty. We listen and respond to the needs of our people, partners, and customers, and we act with integrity.

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Building Strong Relationships

Giving Back

We are always ready to lend a hand or a hammer to help our communities. We give our time, skills, and supplies to improve the place we call home.

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Giving Back

Excellent Customer Service

We serve our customers in many ways, from helping them find a tool or just by saying hello. We strive to create a friendly place where customers feel they can take on any project.

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Excellent Customer Service

Creating Shareholder Value

We aim to be the best company we can be. It’s a point of pride, and it benefits everyone who supports us.

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Creating Shareholder Value

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We encourage our people to be innovative and creative. We welcome new ideas on how we can serve customers and work better as a company.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit
We know we are a stronger company when we have associates from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that can help lead us into the future. Whether we are engaging our associates, customers, suppliers or community partners, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.
— Derek Bottoms, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Associate Relations


We strive to create a place where everyone feels at home. Here, our associates are respected for who they are and for what they can do. Our company is stronger when we challenge each other to look at situations in new ways and when we can support every customer who walks through our doors and make them feel welcome, too.

2020 Responsibility Report
Previous Reports

America’s Best Employers For Diversity, Forbes

of our hires were ethnically diverse in 2019

of our new hires were women in 2019

languages spoken across the company

diverse suppliers providing goods and services

$6 billion
spent with diverse suppliers in 2019

Career Advancement

Our whole business is based on improvement, whether it’s helping a customer renovate a space or challenging our own people to be their best. No matter where people are in their careers, they have room to move up and explore new opportunities with us.

associates moved to a different department this year

of our store leaders started as hourly associates

Happiest Employees Large Companies List, Comparably

You can come in and perform extremely well, independent of your background or anything else. You get the opportunity to be the best you can be.
— Ann-Marie Campbell, former cashier, current EVP U.S. Stores and International Operations

Now is the time for us to set the example and let our culture shine brightly, going out of our way to show our values as we support each other, our customers, and our communities.
— Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO

Giving Back

When we see a need in our community, we pitch in and help. Through our Foundation, we proudly share our time, money, and skills to improve the lives of veterans, rebuild communities after natural disasters, and train tradespeople for a career in the home improvement industry.

awarded to veteran nonprofit partners