Freight associates are an essential part of our store. They ensure aisles are stocked and ready for customers by unloading trucks using conveyors, manual pallet jacks, forklifts, etc., and then placing the product on the shelves and in storage overhead until needed. They are responsible for providing customer service as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Freight associate do?
A Freight associate unloads and sorts freight from trucks so that it can be easily be placed on the shelves. They also pull product from overhead storage in our busiest aisles to keep shelves stocked for customers.

Do I need to be able to lift heavy things?
Heavy product requires the use of a pallet jack or lift equipment to be removed from truck, but Freight associates also lift product.

How much interaction would I have with customers?
Although most of a Freight associate’s job is organizing product away from customers, there may be times when they’re in the aisles and need to provide customer service.

Is the schedule consistent?
Yes, Freight associates have a consistent schedule that allows them to plan their time outside of work.

Are there any overnight shifts?
Yes, Freight associates typically work overnight, but some part-time shifts do not require overnight work.

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