At The Home Depot, our award-winning Data Science teams are on a mission to provide the best interconnected shopping experience to our customers. Our Data Scientists operate on teams across the enterprise, impacting the customer journey every step of the way by using the latest in data science research and cutting-edge technology. Learn more about the teams our Data Scientists support across the company, revolutionizing the future of retail.

DATA SCIENCE Service Areas

This team delivers personalized marketing for The Home Depot by leveraging data & ML with a relentless focus on the customer need, persona, family, life stage, purchase, browse, and other intent signals
With deep learning, predictive modeling, NLP, pattern recognition, and computer vision, this team innovates and implements game-changing solutions using cutting-edge technology and newly patented concepts to build the next generation of interconnected retail experiences for our e-commerce
This team serves as the internal consultant to solve complex retail problems across a variety of business units through data analytics and data science. Associates provide clarity on performance and render actionable insights for strategic company initiatives
This team brings a hypothesis-driven approach to problem solving through data science with our Home Services business function, focusing on providing business value and driving efficiency
This team creates shareholder value by optimizing in-store space and improving space productivity through advanced analytics. The team is an integral part of the business decision making process to drive sales growth and positive customer experiences
Data Scientists supporting our Operations team provide data-driven solutions and innovation to address store layouts and design. They partner cross-functionally to ensure our processes are helping our associates work efficiently
The Pro Experience team delivers data-driven, analytical solutions and innovation to the teams that bring value to Home Depot Pro Customers. They apply established analytical processes on diverse datasets to deduce insights and solve real-world business problems
Data Scientists on the Supply Chain Analytics team support complex technical supply chain-related projects to amplify the flow of product from our
suppliers to stores to customer homes and Pro jobsites
This centralized analytics team supports GCC’s core business and Home Depot’s Interconnected Retail experiences. Based in Houston, Texas, GCC joined in 2014
This team focuses on driving business profitability, increasing efficiencies, and improving the associate experience to fuel the Pro marketplace sales within our global supply chain. Based in Vancouver, Washington, QuoteCenter joined in 2013
This team brings a data-backed approach and efficiencies to the HR associates who focus on making sure our people can thrive in their roles,
empowering all associates to succeed
This team provides analytical analysis on market and internal data to support innovative solutions for our Merchandising organization at The Home Depot
Black Locus builds cloud-based analytic tools to optimize and automate retail merchandising solutions, while applying machine learning and revenue management techniques to identify opportunities for competitive advantage. Based in Austin, Texas, Black Locus joined in 2012


VICE PRESIDENT, Data Science for Online & Marketing

Specialties: Machine Learning, Scalable Data Solutions, and Optimization

“Following the success our team has experienced in recent years, I am eager to see the innovation that is still to come. This growing team continues to impress me with their ingenuity and ability to drive AI/ML solutions to complex challenges facing our customs and store associates.”


DIRECTOR, Space Optimization

Specialties: Space Optimization, Statistical and Machine Learning Models

“Data Science at the Home Depot enables us to innovatively tackle the company’s biggest challenges and create real-world impact for our associates and customers”



Specialties: Machine Learning and Process Optimization

“I have a passion for using state-of-the-art data science technology to solve complex problems and drive business growth. The Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in the world, daily generates a plethora of data, creating endless opportunities for me to grow and problem solve.”


MANAGER, Supply Chain

Specialties: Machine Learning, Optimization Modeling, Forecasting

“What initially drew me to The Home Depot – a strong culture revolving around the “inverted pyramid”, thoughtful values, investment in capabilities, and an attitude of continuous evolution—is also what keeps me here. My team values curiosity, learning and experimentation, allowing us to explore while staying focused on driving meaningful results.”


DIRECTOR, Online - Online Platforms

Specialties: Reinforcement Learning for Large Scale Experimentation, Knowledge Graph Applications, MLOps

“I love when our team presents at top conferences, like KDD, and we surprise the audience with how advanced Home Depot is in machine learning. Our teams are relentless in their desire to bring innovation to the customer experience”

Best Employer for Diversity, Best Large Employer, and Best Employer for New Grads

Retail commerce company in the U.S.

Online data science patents filed since 2018

Users visited our online channels in FY’21

Store locations bridged to our online shopping experience



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