We Build Community

Giving back through volunteerism, philanthropy, product donations and sharing expertise is a core value at The Home Depot and a passion for our associates. With a 30-year history of contributing to the communities where our associates live and work The Home Depot strives to meet critical needs in the areas we serve.

The Home Depot Foundation

In 2002, The Home Depot Foundation was established to serve as the charitable arm and to further the community building goals of the Company by providing resources to assist nonprofit organizations. The mission of The Home Depot Foundation is simple...to improve homes and improve lives. Through partnership with local nonprofits, grants and the efforts of Team Depot, our associate volunteers, we focus on repairing and refurbishing homes and facilities that serve disadvantaged families and individuals.

In 2011, The Home Depot Foundation focused its financial and volunteer resources to help nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the homes of economically disadvantaged veterans. To date, the Foundation has committed $80 million to these efforts.

Team Depot

Team Depot, the Home Depot’s associate-led volunteer force, uses the time and talents of associates to meet community needs through hands-on service. Team Depot Captains in each store coordinate volunteer efforts through non-profit organizations to benefit their local communities.

Through Team Depot, thousands of Home Depot associates positively transform neighborhoods and perform basic repairs and modifications to homes and to the facilities serving veterans with critical housing needs.

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

When natural disaster strikes, The Home Depot is among the first to ensure its customers have the supplies, resources and support they need to rebuild their homes and communities. The Home Depot also supports associates through The Homer Fund, an independent charity that provides short-term, emergency financial assistance to The Home Depot associates and their families who encounter hardship due to catastrophic circumstances.

Community Involvement by the Numbers

Since its formation in 2002, The Home Depot Foundation has granted more than $300 million to nonprofit organizations improving homes and lives in local communities.

2012 Accomplishments:

  • Surpassed three-year, $30 million pledge to veterans’ housing initiatives made in 2011.

  • Committed additional $50 million to veterans’ housing initiatives over the next three years.

  • 12,000 volunteers completed 350 in 68 days during the 2012 Celebration of Service.

  • Projects included the repair and renovation of 300 single family homes, 85 veteran housing facilities and 10 veteran medical facilities.